「Making Things」Vol.8「トウヤマタケオ」取材・撮影を担当しました

ウェブマガジン「Making Things」第8話が公開。今回は音楽家のトウヤマタケオさんを訪ねて尾道へ。「なんでも短略的にイメージ付けされやすい時代。だから音づくりはぜんぶ音楽の中だけで完結させたいんです」。という言葉に深くうなずく。

The well-honed piano sound is a ray of light which shines into the darkness of the wood and the glamorous tune of the cello gently wraps the music of the birds. The various pitches of the tense sound and the well-controlled session in the first album of “Throwing a Spoon”, a duo by a cellist Seigen Tokuzawa and a musician Takeo Toyama, were recorded in a studio which was renovated from a log house in Kobuchisawa, Yamanashi Prefecture. From the window wide open, you can freshly hear the beautiful morning music of the moistened plants and the birds. The music of Takeo Toyama comes from his musical view shaped through his devotion to folklore, jazz, classical music, electronica, and rock. The rich sensitivity has been repeatedly welcomed by those talented artists like EGO-WRAPPIN’, mama!milk, Masakatsu Takagi or SAKEROCK. On a sunny day after the rainy season, we visited him to Onomichi by the beautiful Inland Sea.